Start Your Journey with
“Traveling Beyond Imagination”
The first step in any journey is to understand what you are looking for.
We use our insider knowledge to select the ideal features that match your wishes so you can have a unique experience, and we create a personalized itinerary that will make your dream trip or special event in Italy a reality.
We are patiently looking for those authentic experiences and hidden treasures that can turn a trip to Italy into an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime emotional experience.
Our passion is to inspire you on the journey of your dreams, paying special attention to the smallest details that matter the most.
We constantly analyse people’s lifestyles: very busy working lives, limited personal free time, low inspiration to understand what truly wishes really are, limitations in research and planning an excellent travel experience.
“Traveling Beyond Imagination” stands out because it meets the most demanding wishes of travellers seeking a remarkable, bespoke journey experience.
We want to be a source of inspiration for our clients so that they could enjoy an exceptional experience.
We are Artisans of Upscale Experiences and Designers of tailor-made exclusive journeys for discerning travellers
We tailor-design exclusive journeys and memorable experiences for discerning travelers to Italy.
What sets us apart as true boutique of travel experts and designers of tailor-made experiences is our commitment to understanding your aspirations and crafting a bespoke experience that aligns perfectly with your individual interests, your unique personality, your passions and dreams.
Whether you are looking for a privileged access behind the scenes of a master goldsmith's atelier, a guided tour behind the closed doors of an ancient noble palace, a cultural immersion into Italian treasures discovering its hidden gems, a gourmet gastronomic tour, an adrenaline-fueled expedition, a wellbeing escapes or sunbathing on a beautiful tranquil beach, we've got you covered.
Your dream journey is just waiting to be unveiled, and we're here to make it happen.
Beyond the scenes of crafted artisans: Arts and Crafts, Design, Fashion
Italy is a country rich in artisans and leader in fashion, style, design. We will show you the wonders of Italian craftsmanship from design clothing to handmade shoes through fine jewelries and many other accessories
Off the beaten path
As artisans of exclusive experiences, we reveal to you historic palaces, astounding monuments, the most beautiful and authentic locations in Italy. We get off the beaten path, experiencing a destination as deeply as possible and love going behind the closed doors to discover hidden gems
Cultural treasures: Art, History, Traditions
Discover the spectacular cultural treasures of Italy and enjoy tailor-made experiences.
From thousand-year-old temples to medieval churches and castles, from Renaissance paintings to sculptures of famous Italian artists, from archaeological sites to breathtaking architectural treasures, the Italian artistic heritage is incommensurable.
We lead you through the masterpieces of those artists that marked indelibly the Italian cultural landscape uncovering the unusual detail and curious secret stories
Culinary flavors experiences, Wine tasting lovers, Gourmet emotions, authentic private Cooking classes. We like seeking out gastronomic gems, in the different Italian Regions. We are friends with some of the finest winemakers and we arrange private tastings and tours at the best wineries. We curate itineraries around immersive culinary experiences just for you - from truffle hunting to private wine tours, exclusive interaction with chefs and sommeliers, experiences harvesting grapes and life in a farm
Outdoors: Active, Adrenaline, Adventure
We create ideas of getting outdoors, discovering beautiful lands, interacting with local communities in small remote villages, exploring local wildlife and nature
Nature Escapes, Peace of mind and soul, Relax and Meditation, Spiritual Routes and Wellbeing Escapes, from the most holy places to remote monasteries. Take care of your mind, body and spirit by allowing yourself intimate and immersive moments
We select for you the best boutique Hotels, charming Manor Houses, upscale Palaces, exclusive Resorts, luxury Villas and private properties in Italy.
We personalize extraordinary Weddings and Honeymoons with unique taste and style, to make the most memorable experience of your life. Life is full of special occasions and we craft fabulous events and exclusive bespoke celebrations for unforgettable beautiful memories.
We organise flawless Special Events, creative Corporate Incentives, upscale Business Meetings and stunning Conferences with all the details that make the difference.
Personal concierge service dedicated just for you, personalized shopping tours, private tours by native-born guides experts, luxury yacht or sailing private cruises, balloon or glider rides, private jets or helicopter flights, limousine service, personal security service and more... always focusing on customer support and attention to detail ensuring highest standards of comfort and style. We pride ourselves on our discretion and our continuous dedication.
Some experiences examples
A master of goldsmith's art who designs your dream jewel, truffle hunting accompanied by an expert truffle hunter and his dog companion, a perfume prepared just for your olfactory pleasure, a visit to a museum behind closed doors, barefooting to re-establish contact with nature, forest bathing to regain your wellbeing, cooking class to learn how to cook local specialities with an expert local chef, foraging to discover wild plants and their benefits, cheesemaking to learn how to make cheese, winery to discover the secrets of local wine production, turtle rescue to experience the release of Caretta Caretta turtles into the sea, bee-keeping to learn more about the precious work of pollinating insects, social wine to harvest grapes in the company of an expert winemaker, stay in a fairytale castle, a tailor-made suit designed by an expert tailor, personal security service, meet the excellence of Italian fashion, enter private ateliers, behind the scenes of crafted artisans.