What does a tailor-made experience ensure you?
“Traveling Beyond Imagination” is a personal experience from the moment you enquire until you return home. Time is valuable and when you travel you want to spend it the way you wish to.
A tailor-made dress will fit you better than a mass market dress. Travel is no different. Tailor-made travel provides a unique experience for a clientele with diverse needs. As with buying a tailor-made suit, knowledgeable travellers want a “made-to-measure” experience.
Authenticity and unique experiences are the new luxury, especially when it comes to making the most of your time.
How does “Traveling Beyond Imagination” create a tailor-made experience?
Getting to know you
The first step we take is to make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for. The more we know about you, the better we can exceed your expectations. Understanding your travel vision and meeting all your wishes are our top priorities to ensure that every detail is accurate.
Let your imagination run free, reveal to us your deepest desires and let our expertise guide you to the most breath-taking, elegant and exciting journeys.
It starts with a reason
We wish to know what suits your travel requirements best. It is important to understand what you are looking for and whether you have a specific request that can help us create a unique positive experience for you. We dedicate time to learning about our clients’ unique travel style and their bucket list dreams.
We dedicate time and attention understanding your wishes. We craft amazing experiences that cannot be found online, and when it comes to creating new exciting travel ideas or custom experiential itineraries, we develop a powerful value proposition that is difficult to compete with.
Time to choose
As we know more about you and your requirements and wishes, we will share with you all the various options available to you, each with varying levels of luxury and exclusivity. From different destinations and route ideas to various experiences available to suit your desires, every itinerary is created from scratch based on what is important to you.
Concierge Service - We care about you
We make our guests feel at home by taking care of the details of their bespoke experiences individually and offering them efficient and reliable advice, cultural observations and relevant suggestions.
Your Opinion
We look forward to receiving your feedback to follow up on every detail of your experience. In this way, we will be able to meet our high-quality standards and keep the bar high.
Reasons to book with “Traveling Beyond Imagination”
We design all of our experiences from the ground up, just like the tailor who designs perfectly your tailor-made suit with passion and attention to detail. We love to personalize experiences by drawing on our brilliant ideas tailored just for you.
Knowledge of Italy's vast artistic, natural and cultural heritage, combined with our multi-year know-how in the travel sector, allow us to create tailor-made experiences and offer high quality services for unforgettable beautiful memories.
Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Italian territory, we take pride in providing a careful selection of exclusive destinations and itineraries, polished accommodation facilities and highest quality services. Local knowledge is irreplaceable ensuring a unique value.
Our valuable network of contacts and selected local partners are essential elements to satisfy the needs of our customers and make them happy. We are always on the lookout for new experiences and curious about happenings both on and off the beaten tourist track. We will happily share our knowledge in order to ensure an authentic and insider experience. We have invested a great deal of time and relationships in creating our “Wow Network Book”, to access people, places and experiences so that when our customers travel, they are treated like VIPs.
Our service begins the moment you contact us, continues throughout the planning and booking process until after you return from your trip. We are meticulous to details and always there in case of questions.
We help you avoid spending countless hours researching the ideal itinerary and activities. We take the appropriate time to design a trip dedicated to you or a special event tailored just for you, whether it's to discover an Italian destination from a different angle or challenge yourself, mentally rejuvenate or inspire yourself professionally. So that when you return home you are satisfied that you made the very most of your precious time off. Creating a brilliant trip or perfect event takes time, knowledge, dedication and passion.
Do you need some ideas now?
Ready to start planning your own life-changing & immersive experience?
We invite you to get in touch with us to find out which of our unique experiences catch your fancy.